MOA Network Terms and Conditions

MOA Network - Hosting Provider

We provide web hosting for clients around the world, and we have a responsibility to protect every client and to provide the best service. All clients must agree & are subject to the terms, agreements, regulations, provisions, services. We will only accept legal payments. If we find payment illegally, then we consider your purchase at MOA Network null or if we have already activated your purchase product, then we will deactivate the purchase of your product. After you buy our product, immediately make payment according to the amount of the product listed. If within 3 days you have not completed the payment invoice to us, we will consider your purchase null. For renewal of your subscription period, we require to pay the payment bill 1 day before the subscription period you expire or expire. After you make a payment to us, we will immediately activate the purchase of the product that you ordered in MOA Network. Approval or activation of the product no later than 24 hours. Please be patient and understand.